Monday, April 22, 2013

Sidewalk paint! Non-toxic and Homemade.

Now that the weather is warmer and we're outside more doing outside things – my boys love to play with sidewalk chalk. And by "play" I mean "eat" … the little ones will put just about anything into their mouths and that includes : crayons, colored pencils, markers of all kinds, and last but not least, sidewalk chalk. So whether I'm gardening, mowing the grass, or sunning myself with a nice book and a cocktail (ha!) I like to know that the boys are playing, having fun and creating masterpieces on the concrete - not ingesting them. So this mama came across a craft on Pinterest for Sidewalk Paint. And We LOVE it! I used sponges instead of paint brushes and let the boys go to town … and I didn't have to worry about my babies chewing on the chalk ~ not to mention that painting is So much more fun than drawing!

Sidewalk Paint (per color)
• 1/4 cup water
• 1/4 corn starch
• several drops of food coloring

~ mix together water and corn starch, then add food coloring! SO EASY!

I cut up sponges to paint with, and i think next time I'll cut the sponges into shapes and let them "stamp" the paint on the pavement rather than sponge it on. Of course the painting turned to science experiment when they started mixing up colors - but the paint is non-toxic, homemade, cheap, and fun! Looking forward to those 90 degree days when I can set them out in their bathing suits and let them go nuts! :)

... because this tends to happen ...


  1. Great idea, but doesn't the food coloring stain?

    1. I was so surprised that it actually didn't at all! Not the clothes or our sidewalk. Once it dried on the sidewalk it turned stark white, and a few days later (when I got around to it) I just washed it off with the hose and there was nothing! Maybe I didn't put as much food coloring in it as I could have but as you can see from the pictures the colors were pretty vibrant so, as far as I know, you are stain free! have fun!